Dj Norberto Loco

Dj Norberto Loco

# locoteam

# locoteam

TRIAL 72 Hours DJ-ing NON STOP

TRIAL Run of 75 hours is success! After 3 days of Djing DJ Loco feels perfect and whole preparations are going as planned. Remember the big event is happening on 19th of November! Very well done!
All proceeds from the tickets go to Temple Children Hospital in Dublin to fund the most up to date equipment. Tickets for 200 hours party are on purchase here: 1).

Special Thanks to DK Fashion, Eventmed, Nutrition Shop No Pain No Gain, The Regency Leisure Club and my girlfriend who made this 3 days happened!
DJ Norberto Loco.

We want to thank DK Fashion for helping in organising the whole show and the trial days! DK Fashion not only dresses DJ Norberto Loco <men's wear below> but also they are giving him their facilities for the trial days! It will be a great party! 
Jenny Greene ---> Challenge is on!
***We can not wait ***

RTE 2 FM with Nicky Byrne and Jenny Greene Show!

After 4 months of intense preparation in Regency Leisure Club <<LINK>> under the supervision of specialists -- it is time to do 72 Hours of Dj-ing NON STOP as a Trial!! 

In just a week time Dj Norberto Loco will do 72 Hours of Dj-ing as a TRIAL :))  
Do you think Norberto will handle this?  

Of course, all 72 hours will be under a supervision of medics EVENTMED---> 

During the whole 72 hours we will update you with pictures and videos of the TRIAL days! :) DO NOT MISS IT! And FOLLOW DJ Norberto Loco

Thanks to NO PAIN NO GAIN NUTRITION for support and giving DJ Norberto Loco 'energy'! Their Mission is to help Norberto achieve his Life Goals, not only to feel better but also to be STRONG & survive the expernience of his Lifetime!!! <LINK>

#locoteam <3

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